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Company Details

Elite Manpower and Training Academy (EMTA), founded in 2020 by visionaries Niki Bose and Abhijeet Raghuwanshi, is a trailblazer in BFSI training and job placement. With a mission to transform conventional placement processes, EMTA is devoted to closing the knowledge gap between academia and business needs. The academy has grown over time into a full facility that provides training, career progression programs, and industry-aligned direct job placement services. EMTA has expanded beyond its original concentration on BFSI because its placement sectors now cover a variety of businesses like confectionery, BPO, hospitality, e-commerce, IT, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Elite Manpower and Training Academy (EMTA), founded in 2020 by Niki Bose and Abhijeet Raghuwanshi, is a pioneer in BFSI training and job placement, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and business needs. It offers training, career progression programs, and industry-aligned services. 

A few of the major turning points in EMTA’s history are the launch of specialized BFSI training modules in 2020, the establishment of strategic alliances with prestigious financial institutions in 2021, and the achievement of 1000 successful placements in 2022. With the introduction of the Acquiring with Big Shots concept in the BFSI sector in 2023, EMTA reaffirmed its dedication to providing progressive placement experiences and training programs. The school is unique with regard to it offering training modules for a fraction of the price of the BFSI training segment, has an industry-relevant curriculum, skilled faculty made up of seasoned professionals, and helps with placement.

The BFSI training programs offered by EMTA include a strong emphasis on hands-on learning to get students ready for the difficulties that face the industry in everyday life. The study’s material, which was meticulously put together by industry professionals, covers an extensive variety of areas, including sales, operation, liability, assets, collection, and backend support. EMTA stands out for its commitment to facilitating valuable interactions between students and influential figures in business through interactive workshops. Through their interactions with seasoned professionals, executives, and experts who are actively changing the BFSI environment, students gain essential experiences, personal information, and real-world perspectives. Through its industry-centric lectures, which give students a thorough grasp of business practices, current trends, and the practical wisdom needed to flourish in the cutthroat world of finance, EMTA demonstrates its commitment to developing both academic excellence and practical understanding. 

Sales Training program for Liability Department Job Aspirants (CASA and other products).
  • Sales Training program for Assets Department Job Aspirants (all types of Loans).
  • Insurance Sector Training Program.
  • Document Processing Department Training Program.
  • Operation Training Program.
  • Credit Department Training program (Sales and Operat
Dream JOB!

We are EMTA, A professional Academy to provide the complete solution to those aspiring candidates who want to work in BFSI Sector. We provide Job Oriented training Programs and 100 % Placements surety in BFSI sector

Core Values

Consider honesty as the key to a business’ trustworthiness and integrity.
Always do the right thing to solve the customer’s problem.Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind.

Why Choose Us?

Because Over 60,000 vacancies are available in Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFSI) Sector. Young and talented Professionals has always been the first choice for entry-level and managerial jobs in the BFSI sector. There are numerous lucrative jobs in BFSI which offer high salaries and job security.